This diploma course will give you the perfect foundation to beginning a successful career in Hypnotherapy or for those who already have some knowledge of hypnosis will add to your tool box teaching you methodologies rarely taught on other courses.

The course is structured in two parts beginning with the Foundation Course run over four weekends.  This is an amazing and unique course during which you will learn the structure of hypnosis as created, pioneered and originally taught by some of the worlds leading hypnotists. This course is guaranteed to be informative, educational, interesting, exciting and fun as all good learning should be.

The second part is the Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma, participants of this course need to have attended the Foundation Course or have a similar qualification and/or necessary.

The syllabus is designed to build on the foundation skills introducing therapeutic application. A wide range of commonly presented symptoms are discussed and a selection of therapeutic interventions including hypno-behavioral, hypno-analytical, Ericksonion and direct suggestion are covered. You will acquire skills that are directly relevant to working with anxiety disorders and phobias, weight and food related issues, anger management, smoking cessation and the eradication of other unwanted habits, and unhelpful behaviours.

You will also learn how to work with pain management, psychosexual disorders and finding and building resources.

The aim of this course is to provide a solid theoretical and practical grounding in using hypnosis in therapy. It will enable you to acquire the skills to address most if not all of the concerns that clients bring. This course also covers the practical aspects of running a successful practice.


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