Painless Childbirth MasterCLASS

When Tina Taylor began to study Hypnosis and NLP one of the things that fascinated her was the minds ability to control sensations in the body and she began to research the use of hypnosis in childbirth.  From her studies she designed childbirth classes using a combination of NLP, DHE and Hypnosis and in 2001 she ran her first childbirth class assisting a women to achieve a natural birth without feeling any pain or discomfort.  Over the years her childbirth classes have evolved and her book Painless Childbirth was published.

Paul McKenna, the world's number 1 self help author said "Tina Taylor has written an excellent book for anyone expecting a baby.  It's a goldmine of techniques and helpful information.  Tina's years of experience and dedication to helping others have created a wonderful guide to making the experience of childbirth much easier" on reading Tinas book.

Tina teaches you how to utilise her strategy enabling you to give simple and straightforward instructions to your clients on how to achieve a Painless Childbirth experience.

In this MasterCLASS you will

  • Learn how a woman's body is designed to work in childbirth
  • Learn proven hypnotic techniques for pain control
  • Learn key techniques to assist with the birth process
  • Develop practical skills that you can teach to your clients
  • Receive class outlines you can use in your childbirth classes

This course is open to Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners & Midwives

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and 12 CPD points.

Cost: Please contact Tina for details of the next MasterCLASS