Alcohol Problems

“I wouldn’t say that I am an alcoholic. I don’t wake up yearning for a drink” I hear these words a lot from my clients.  Some come to see me because they feel that they “might” be drinking too much.  Usually they don’t want to tell me how much they do drink, and after a while some will say well I have wine with my meal every night.

How much wine?

My wife/husband/partner and I have a bottle a night and sometimes two.  This particular man told me that he had to drink, it was part of the expectation from his clients.  He didn’t want to stop drinking, his wife was worried about the amount he drank.

Another client had the idea that the alcoholic state, a state he called “mellow”, was the place where the drinker felt a sense of warmth and generosity towards the world.  When he was in this state, he would empty his pockets giving away all his money to those around him.  This behavior caused him to go bankrupt.

And another client used to hide bottles of vodka all around his house.  He thought no one noticed when he drank that he appeared “normal”.

And yet he became very argumentative and aggressive when he drank.

At this time of year a lot of people begin to reflex on their habits and drinking alcohol is one of those that can so easily get out of hand.

Many think because the drinking doesn’t stop them working that they are OK getting drunk every Friday night and Saturday.  Binging at the weekends and remaining sober in the week.  The thought of being able to drink at the weekend enabling them to “keep it together” through the week.

So many people have alcohol as part of their lives, they don’t realize the effects it is having.

Many will have a drink at lunchtime; some of my clients have told me that the thought of eating out and not having a glass of wine seems impossible.  Then in the evening they have a drink before dinner and a bottle of wine with their dinner, and more if entertaining.

Some think if your sober you’re boring, I know that when I have been at a party and refused a drink some of the party goers have acted almost as if I’m breaking some great unwritten rule.  When at a party thou must get roaring drunk!

And of course there’s that great British institution the pub!  Many of the youth think its great to drink and from a very early age can be seen drinking in the streets and at the pub.  Drinking to get drunk.

Many of my clients contact me in the new year to give up drinking in January, having over indulged through the holiday season; some because they begin to look forward to that first drink of the day way too much.

Worried that they are getting close to become alcohol dependent; and many find the prospect of not drinking for a month terrifying.  Dreading those business lunches, dinner, and what do they do whilst they are socializing at the pub?

Without fail they all love waking up in the morning without feeling fuzzy headed; having a clear head being able to think being more creative and productive.

Drinking alcohol is a very exhausting business, its hard work.  It messes with your concentration, helps you to loose focus, as well as time and of course there are all those health hazards.

If you’ve overindulged and are looking for a simple way to cut back; I’ve found a combination of NLP and Hypnosis works wonders in helping you keep those resolutions …


Hi Tina,


This is just a quick update to let you know that things are going great with me - I have not touched a drop since our session on 30th August!!  I’m so pleased with myself and so is everyone around me!  K admitted that he thought I wouldn’t manage to keep it up, but it’s been really easy.  I ignored someone begging me to have a drink and “join the party” at my sister-in-law’s house – I drove there and home again which is a first!  I’m meeting my cousins tomorrow which always used to turn into a big session, but I’ve told them what I’m doing and they are supportive (although totally surprised!).  I just wanted to say that you are a miracle worker.


Many thanks for all your help.




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