You might not yet be convinced... but you're already a hypnotist. The skills you have to direct peoples' attention to particular topics and conclusions are at the core of what a hypnotist does. Tina Taylor will enhance your natural ability to persuade, to debate, to inspire by introducing you to the language patterns used by successful sales people, lawyers, and media savvy professionals.

Learn to use language in ways that get results, and see sales sizzle. People like to be charmed - that's why we still go into shops and deal with staff when we could simply buy online. And those skills of influence work over the phone and in written form, just as well.

Tina Taylor will share with you the hypnotic secrets enabling you to turn objections into wanting something now. After this mesmerising training, you'll never encounter resistance again - just opportunities to reach into someone's mind to find what turns them into happy customers.

This course can be delivered in-house.

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