NLP was developed in the 1970's and enables us to discover how our brains are thinking. It’s a powerful way of understanding how you think; process experiences make decisions and develop motivation. By using NLP techniques for example I can help you to achieve more, learn faster, more easily and let go of any stresses or fears that you may have.

It’s a way of working with people focusing on experience and communication; Neuro Linguistic Programming explores what makes someone's version of the world different from anyone else's. Where those differences are beneficial, other people can learn from the way you do what you do. Sometimes, those differences are disadvantageous, and NLP has tools to assist more effective performance.

For instance, think about something you can't do, something that you want to be able to do but at the moment don't think is possible. Notice how you represent that thought: does a picture come to mind or are you thinking something? Is there a voice is associated with it? Is this yours or someone else's? And where does that voice seem to come from: behind you, or to the left or right?

Compare that experience to what happens when you think of something you're good at. Again, notice how you represent that thought, what image pops up, and where in relation is it to the first picture. And what differences are there between any voice's connected with that feeling of being able to achieve, and the belief you had that you can't do something?

Now you've done that, find out what happens when you change the voice of 'can't do that' into a compellingly sexy one. Now how does it feel when you listen to it, and does the voice come from the same direction as before?

These are just some of the ways that NLP explores and changes internal experience to make an impact on beliefs and performance.